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Jan Hilado with Bo SanchezBo Sanchez presents the CEBU INTERNET MARKETING WORKSHOP (Hands-on training on how to Make Money Online)
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I've read this book and I think some of his instructions are not rare to me and I've been doing some of it already even before I read the book. This book tells you how to become wealthy without having to discipline yourself to save money. Saving money is i guess is the hardest way to do. So he came up with an idea that many hard-headed people can do and become an Automatic Millionaire!

joshua lippert said...
September 26, 2012 at 9:24 AM  

The million Dollar Question ?? Will someone with billions Give me and my family 1 million dollars? i Doubt it But Theres always a chance Right?? im 29 yrs old im an estimator for a small roofing company , Im Broke , in Debt , I live week to week Not knowing if ill have enough gas in the Car to make it to work or enough food in the fridge to feed the kids when they get home from school , having to get loans to pay other loans ! i Know Poor me Right And 240 Million other americans ! have 2 daughters 13 & 7 and 2 month old Boy, Most people Im Sure are like who cares everyone has problems , Yeah lifes not easy just do the best u can ! im doing the best i can ! im drowning in The american dream!!!! There's people out on the Forbes list And around The World Even That could Change someones Life for ever!! and it wouldn't effect them financially at all!!. !! i can tell anyone who would be Willing to Give my family Money what i would do with it. I would First off Put some Gas in the car , Put some Groceries in My Fridge, Pay off all my bills ! pay for the kids School ! ! Buy a Car That actually Drives and is safe enough for my kids ! Pay off all my outstanding Payday loans And try to rebuild my credit , and The Greatest thing is i wouldnt be stressed out to the max every friday or monday worrying about my kids worrying about my job , I know Someone That may read This will say Yeah u and everyone else pal , But im asking Anyone For help And im not ashamed to Ask! Im Not Asking For someone to Throw away 1 million of there Precious Dollars that they might never spend , all im asking is to change a familys Life And i can Promise you This If someone does end up giving me 1 Million Dollars You Can Bet Your Booty Im gonna Change Someone elses Life ! .... Signed- Joshua Lippert , A Man From Albuquerque , NM looking for a Life Changing Event !!

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