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Jan Hilado with Bo SanchezBo Sanchez presents the CEBU INTERNET MARKETING WORKSHOP (Hands-on training on how to Make Money Online)
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Have you heard of the book "THINK RICH PINOY?" Well, I have read that and I also recommend it to you. Not only that, I have also attended a business seminar of THINK RICH PINOY in Manila (it's not FREE though, but worth it!^_^) I've played the game Casflow 101 and its just incredibly amazing! But I'm here to talk about the THINK RICH pinoy seminar, so I'll just talk about CASHFLOW 101 on my next post! ^_^ I've also met the author himself, Mr. Larry Gamboa. I was also expecting my Ever IDOL, Bo Sanchez to arrive, but what happened was, he came out of the projector... (how sad T_T) But anyway, still worth it. It talked about Real estate and how it works for Larry Gamboa. Here's a small glimpse of what you'll expect in there.

What to expect in the Think Rich Pinoy Seminars

1. Talk 1 - Planning your finances.

2. Talk 2 - Are God and Money really enemies?

3. Talk 3 - Pinoy Real Estate Riches Today and Updates

4. Game - Cashflow 101 and 202, play the game for 3 hours with like-minded people, guided by seasoned experts

5. Talk 4 - Real experiences in buying and selling Pinoy Properties from the actual (young) people who did them.

6. Talk 5 - The Think Rich Pinoy Clubs and Pinoy Millionaire Vision 2020

If you want to learn more. Visit http://richteamevents.blogspot.com/


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