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This is my article/ persuasive speech for our English tomorrow and I couldn't think of any article that I'll be good at. Hehe! So here goes, I'll be waiting for your comments if this article was persuasive enough.. hehe!^_^......................

Why are there so many poor Filipinos nowadays? Should we blame it to the Philippine government, to the MILFs and NPAs in Mindanao, to our corrupt government officials, or to those truly rich people? My answer is, neither. Their poverty is caused by their own doings and not the doings of others.

We all hear and see it on the news. So many people blaming their poverty to the government, complaining about the oil price hike, increasing prices of rice and other commodities and their decreasing wages/salary. But does the government listen to them? NO! The government too has their own problems to face. Prices of commodities can’t be change so instead of complaining about increasing prices, find another way to increase your income. There are also a few Filipinos out there who blame the MILFs and NPAs for their poverty. All I can say is “What’s the connection??” It’s the government’s problem and you have nothing to do with it. Another group of people blame it to our corrupt government officials. We all know that these government officials will do anything just to get the position and the money no matter what the scandal is marked on them. They won’t listen to you. So what’s the point on blaming them? Yes they will give money to people especially during elections but does that make you rich? The last group of people I mentioned is the most ridiculous. They blame the truly rich people for their poverty. All I can say is, why not idolize them instead of blaming them. These truly rich people found a way to get rich and that is, instead of blaming others they concentrated on finding ways on how to solve their own problems and not the problems of others. So instead of blaming others, let us find a way for ourselves to get out of this poverty.

And before I end this, I want to tell you something I’ve learned from one of the business seminars I attended. It say’s that, there are three types of people when solving a problem. The first one are those people who focus too much on their problems and blaming it to others and forget to find a solution to it. The second one does not focus too much on his/her problem but are busy trying to solve other people’s problems until they forget that they have a problem of their own. The third one are those who recognize their own problem and admits that it is their problem and focuses on finding ways to solve that problem. And since I mentioned about the second type of people, I won’t focus much on other people’s problems and start finding ways on how to solve my problem. Remember, we never plan to fail, we just fail to plan.

raynz said...
November 21, 2008 at 6:21 PM  

That's a good one. Blaming is one of the culprit for the miseries of a lot of people. If we stop the blame and take responsibility for our actions and past decisions, we would be better off in finding the right solution to the problem.

Sinapat said...
February 14, 2009 at 5:29 AM  

Filipinos must stand with their own, a lot of resources. Just need to have the disciple. :)

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