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Jan Hilado with Bo SanchezBo Sanchez presents the CEBU INTERNET MARKETING WORKSHOP (Hands-on training on how to Make Money Online)
For more details of the workshop, CLICK HERE!


One Closed Franchise Deal equals One Asus Laptop!

I was challenged by my dad that If I can Close a deal in his franchise business, He would buy me an Asus eee pc Laptop!

And it's just what I needed right now! because I can't use the desktop computer already because my sister is busy with her online store! Can you imagine that?? How about my Internet Marketing!?? T_T I'll just show to her that my passive income on my internet is better than her Active income from her online stores! I'll asure that! hehehe!

Anyway, I hope I can close a deal on his franchising Business! I've already talked to 2 Business owners, and I'm planning to talk to more business owners. Wish me luck guys! ^_^


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Have you just graduated from College and want to have your own business or longing to have one?? Want to start your own business but have no idea on how to do it?? SIMPLE! Be a franchisee! Check out Business Franchise Opportunities! It's my dad's business and you can contact him if you are interested to franchise the over 200 companies under it. They also offer Franchise Development for those owners of existing business and want to franchise their own business! Just visit http://businessfranchiseopportunities.blogspot.com/ for more info.! Or click the image to be directed to the site.

The Millionaire Next Door


Whooo! It's been a while since I last touched this blog! hehe! But it does not mean I give up on being a millionaire before a I reach the age of 25! Actually, I'm earning a little of passive income now and I will tell this secret of mine on later posts! ^_^

I remembered a book I read too that I can also recommend for you. This book is called The Millionaire Next Door by by Thomas J. Stanley (Author), William D. Danko (Author). This is a great book that focus on their survey on how most wealthy Americans got WEALTHY. The book points out that in order to be damn wealthy, you must also be damn frugal! This is a fun book to read because you'll not expect that most Millionaires in America are just living on a very simple house, with simple car and simple clothing! A must read book for those who want to be a Millionaire Next Door!

The Book Description
The incredible national bestseller that is changing people's lives -- and increasing their net worth!


Who are the rich in this country?

What do they do?

Where do they shop?

What do they drive?

How do they invest?

Where did their ancestors come from?

How did they get rich?

Can I ever become one of them?

Get the answers in The Millionaire Next Door, the never-before-told story about wealth in America. You'll be surprised at what you find out....

Some reviews about the book
ForbesThe implication of The Millionaire Next Door...is that nearly anybody with a steady job can amass a tidy fortune.

The Washington Post[A] REMARKABLE BOOK.

USA TodayA nerve has been hit....[For] people who want to become wealthy.

Boston GlobeA primer for amassing wealth through frugality.

San Francisco Business TimesOffers a valuable message to today's spendthrift baby boomers.

Rush LimbaughThe kind of information that could lift the economic prospects of individuals more than any government policy...The Millionaire Next Door has a theme that I think rings very true..."Hey, I can do it. You can do it too!"

Business WeekAn interesting sociological work.

Lexington (NC) DispatchA fascinating examination of the affluent in American society.

Cox News ServiceThese, for the wise, are tips for all of us....A very readable book.

U.S. News & World ReportDebunks the image of the rich as high-living spendthrifts.


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I've read this book and I think some of his instructions are not rare to me and I've been doing some of it already even before I read the book. This book tells you how to become wealthy without having to discipline yourself to save money. Saving money is i guess is the hardest way to do. So he came up with an idea that many hard-headed people can do and become an Automatic Millionaire!


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Okay! CASHFLOW 101! Well, CASHFLOW 101 is a board game wherein before the game starts, one has to choose his or her own job. Each job has its own strengths and weaknesses. If your going to be a Doctor, you'll have a very high income, too bad, you too have very high tax and expenses! If you're going to be a Janitor, you'll have a very low income, but low expenses and tax to ba paid too! So it it doesn't really mean that because you're only a janitor, you don't have the chance to get rich! TO be honest, most of the players who got out of the "Rat Race" where people who have low jobs! The goal of the game is to get out of the "Rat race" as possible. The rat race is a term often used to describe work, particularly excessive work; in general terms, if one works too much, one is in the rat race. This terminology contains implications that many people see work as a seemingly endless pursuit with little reward or purpose. Not all workers feel like this. It is the perceived Conventional Wisdom, for example, that those who work for themselves are generally happier at work.

Cashflow 101 is an educational tool in board game format designed by Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad), which aims to teach the players concepts of investing by having their money work for them in a risk free setting (play money) while simultaneously increasing their financial literacy and stressing the imperative nature of accountability.

There are two stages to the game. In the first, "the rat race", the player aims to raise his or her character's passive income level to where it exceeds the character's expenses. The winner is determined in the second stage, "the fast track". To win, a player must get his or her character to buy their "dream" or accumulate an additional $50,000 in monthly cash flow.

In place of “score cards”, there are financial statements. The game requires the players to fill out their own financial statements so that they can see more clearly what is happening with their money. It generally shows how assets generate income and demonstrates that liabilities and 'doodads' are expenses.

This is game is very great. It's a great way to know if you have the talent in investing or not, before you even had to have a "REAL INVESTMENT"

I just didn't win the game though! It was kinda foolish! The other playes weren't following the rules and as a 17 yr old guy, I couldn't just tell them that! Honestly, I think I was the only one who's playing the game right. heheh! Well, fellow Young Millionaires or soon to be millionaires, this game is a must!


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Have you heard of the book "THINK RICH PINOY?" Well, I have read that and I also recommend it to you. Not only that, I have also attended a business seminar of THINK RICH PINOY in Manila (it's not FREE though, but worth it!^_^) I've played the game Casflow 101 and its just incredibly amazing! But I'm here to talk about the THINK RICH pinoy seminar, so I'll just talk about CASHFLOW 101 on my next post! ^_^ I've also met the author himself, Mr. Larry Gamboa. I was also expecting my Ever IDOL, Bo Sanchez to arrive, but what happened was, he came out of the projector... (how sad T_T) But anyway, still worth it. It talked about Real estate and how it works for Larry Gamboa. Here's a small glimpse of what you'll expect in there.

What to expect in the Think Rich Pinoy Seminars

1. Talk 1 - Planning your finances.

2. Talk 2 - Are God and Money really enemies?

3. Talk 3 - Pinoy Real Estate Riches Today and Updates

4. Game - Cashflow 101 and 202, play the game for 3 hours with like-minded people, guided by seasoned experts

5. Talk 4 - Real experiences in buying and selling Pinoy Properties from the actual (young) people who did them.

6. Talk 5 - The Think Rich Pinoy Clubs and Pinoy Millionaire Vision 2020

If you want to learn more. Visit http://richteamevents.blogspot.com/


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This is my article/ persuasive speech for our English tomorrow and I couldn't think of any article that I'll be good at. Hehe! So here goes, I'll be waiting for your comments if this article was persuasive enough.. hehe!^_^......................

Why are there so many poor Filipinos nowadays? Should we blame it to the Philippine government, to the MILFs and NPAs in Mindanao, to our corrupt government officials, or to those truly rich people? My answer is, neither. Their poverty is caused by their own doings and not the doings of others.

We all hear and see it on the news. So many people blaming their poverty to the government, complaining about the oil price hike, increasing prices of rice and other commodities and their decreasing wages/salary. But does the government listen to them? NO! The government too has their own problems to face. Prices of commodities can’t be change so instead of complaining about increasing prices, find another way to increase your income. There are also a few Filipinos out there who blame the MILFs and NPAs for their poverty. All I can say is “What’s the connection??” It’s the government’s problem and you have nothing to do with it. Another group of people blame it to our corrupt government officials. We all know that these government officials will do anything just to get the position and the money no matter what the scandal is marked on them. They won’t listen to you. So what’s the point on blaming them? Yes they will give money to people especially during elections but does that make you rich? The last group of people I mentioned is the most ridiculous. They blame the truly rich people for their poverty. All I can say is, why not idolize them instead of blaming them. These truly rich people found a way to get rich and that is, instead of blaming others they concentrated on finding ways on how to solve their own problems and not the problems of others. So instead of blaming others, let us find a way for ourselves to get out of this poverty.

And before I end this, I want to tell you something I’ve learned from one of the business seminars I attended. It say’s that, there are three types of people when solving a problem. The first one are those people who focus too much on their problems and blaming it to others and forget to find a solution to it. The second one does not focus too much on his/her problem but are busy trying to solve other people’s problems until they forget that they have a problem of their own. The third one are those who recognize their own problem and admits that it is their problem and focuses on finding ways to solve that problem. And since I mentioned about the second type of people, I won’t focus much on other people’s problems and start finding ways on how to solve my problem. Remember, we never plan to fail, we just fail to plan.


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waaaaaa! its been a long time since I last posted on this site! I've been very busy with school lately. ^_^

Well, My next recommended activity to become a millionaire is by attending business seminars. Just any business seminars whether it's a networking seminar, it's still a business seminar. And also, networking seminars are FREE! You don't need to apply, it's just a way to increase our financial IQ. I may not YET be a millionaire, but I can tell that I have more financial IQ than any of my friends because I attend just any Business Seminars. hehe! ^_^ You can try

One Business seminar I can recommend is the IMG or International Marketing Group. It's FREE and you get to learn a lot about mutual funds, real estate, insurance and how to become a broker! If you're in Cebu, there's a business seminar of IMG at the AYALA FGU BLDG.

Techno Christmas 2008

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You do not have to be tagged to play along. This game is simple and so here are the rules.


2. Add your site(s) to the list. Just be sure to post the "Techno Christmas 2008" at each site you add.

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4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving a comment HERE, so I can add you to the master list.

5. Come back and copy the master list back to your site, often as you can. This will allow the new comers to achieve equal benefit as the late comers do.

6. Watch your Authority Rise

7. You may want to grab the Techno Christmas Badge

Please follow the rules. Blogs in the list will be subject to removal if their lists are not updated. I will check all of the blogs once a week.

Techno Christmas 2008 Masterlist:

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You know what?? I'm currently reading a book entitled "Secrets Of the Millionaire Mind" and it's amazing! Now I know why there are so many people who have the "POTENTIAL" but don't really reach the Millionaire Level. I recommend you to read this book. Don't you worry about the price, BOOKS ARE INVESTMENTS!


"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" reveals the missing link between wanting success and achieving it!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily, while others are destined for a life of financial struggle? Is the difference found in their education, intelligence, skills, timing, work habits, contacts, luck, or their choice of jobs, businesses, or investments?

The shocking answer is: None of the above!

In his groundbreaking "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", T. Harv Eker states: "Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!" Eker does this by identifying your "money and success blueprint." We all have a personal money blueprint engrained in our subconscious minds, and it is this blueprint, more than anything, that will determine our financial lives. You can know everything about marketing, sales, negotiations, stocks, real estate, and the world of finance. But if your money blueprint is not set for a high level of success, you will never have a lot of money-and if somehow you do, you will most likely lose it! The good news is that now you can actually reset your money blueprint to create natural and automatic success.

"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" is two books in one. Part I explains how your money blueprint works. Through Eker's rare combination of street smarts, humor, and heart, you will learn how your childhood influences have shaped your financial destiny. You will also learn how to identify your own money blueprint and "revise" it to not only create success but, more important, to keep and continually grow it.

In Part II you will be introduced to seventeen "Wealth files," which describe exactly how rich people think and act differently than most poor and middle-class people. Each Wealth File includes specific steps for you to practice in the real world in order to dramatically increase your income and accumulate wealth.

If you are not doing as well financially as you would like, you will have to change your money blueprint. Unfortunately your current money blueprint will tend to stay with you for the rest of your life, unless you identify and revise it, and that's exactly what you will do with the help of this extraordinary book. According to T. Harv Eker, its simple. If you think like rich people think and do what rich people do, chances are you'll get rich too!

Using the principles he teaches, T. HARV EKER went from zero to millionaire in only two and a half years. Eker is president of Peak Potentials Training, one of the fastest growing success training companies in North America. With his unique brand of "street smarts with heart," Eker's humorous, "cut-to-the-chase" style keeps his audience spellbound.

People come from all over the world to attend his sold-out seminars, where crowds often exceed 2,000 people for a weekend program. So far, Eker's teachings have touched the lives of more than a quarter million people. Now, for the first time, he shares his proven secrets of success in this revolutionary book. Read it and grow rich!"

Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life! How? By identifying your personal 'money and success blueprint.'
-T. Harv Eker, from "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

In this life-changing book, you will learn how to identify and revise your own money blueprint to dramatically increase your income and accumulate wealth. By using these proven principles T. Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in only two and a half years. Read it and grow rich!

What Is a Compounded Interest??

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Since are goal is to have a PASSIVE INCOME.. one way to have one is through investing in Compounded interests from Mutual Funds.

But what is compounded interest anyway?

Compound Interest and Your Return
How interest is calculated can greatly affect your savings. The more often interest is compounded, or added to your account, the more you earn. This calculator demonstrates how compounding can affect your savings, and how interest on your interest really adds up!

Investment Amount
The amount of your initial investment.

Interest Rate
The annual interest rate for your investment. The actual rate of return is largely dependent on the type of investments you select. From January 1970 to December 2007, the average compounded rate of return for the S&P 500, including reinvestment of dividends, was approximately 11.4% per year (source: www.standardandpoors.com). During this period, the highest 12-month return was 61%, and the lowest was -39%. Savings accounts at a bank may pay as little as 1% or less.

It is important to remember that future rates of return can't be predicted with certainty and that investments that pay higher rates of return are generally subject to higher risk and volatility. The actual rate of return on investments can vary widely over time, especially for long-term investments. This includes the potential loss of principal on your investment. It is not possible to invest directly in an index and the compounded rate of return noted above does not reflect sales charges and other fees that funds and/or investment companies may charge.

Compound Interest
Interest on an investment's interest, plus previous interest. The more frequently this occurs, the sooner your accumulated interest will generate additional interest. You should check with your financial institution to find out how often interest is being compounded on your particular investment.
Is the concept of adding accumulated interest back to the principal, so that interest is earned on interest from that moment on. The act of declaring interest to be principal is called compounding (i.e. interest is compounded). A loan, for example, may have its interest compounded every month: in this case, a loan with $1000 principal and 1% interest per month would have a balance of $1010 at the end of the first month.

Interest rates must be comparable in order to be useful, and in order to be comparable, the interest rate and the compounding frequency must be disclosed. Since most people think of rates as a yearly percentage, many governments require financial institutions to disclose a (notionally) comparable yearly interest rate on deposits or advances. Compound interest rates may be referred to as Annual Percentage Rate, Effective interest rate, Effective Annual Rate, and by other terms. When a fee is charged up front to obtain a loan, APR usually counts that cost as well as the compound interest in converting to the equivalent rate. These government requirements assist consumers to more easily compare the actual cost of borrowing.

Compound interest rates may be converted to allow for comparison: for any given interest rate and compounding frequency, an "equivalent" rate for a different compounding frequency exists.

Compound interest may be contrasted with simple interest, where interest is not added to the principal (there is no compounding). Compound interest predominates in finance and economics, and simple interest is used infrequently (although certain financial products may contain elements of simple interest).

What is a Savings Account?

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Before we start our quest, we must first understand the different common terms used when your on your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM! lets start with savings. What is savings? what is a savings account?

A savings account typically refers to an account in which one places money to earn a small amount of interest. Unlike a 401k or an IRA, the savings account funds are usually easily accessible, though some banks do charge for withdrawing money early. In most cases, people can withdraw money from a savings account at any time, at least at any time the bank is open, or one has access to the bank’s ATM.

The term "bank" is used here loosely. Not only banks, but also credit unions, and money market funds companies can offer a savings account to customers. In addition to earning interest on your deposits, the savings account also provides a safe place to put your money, far better than stowing it in the mattress or the cookie jar.

If the bank declares bankruptcy, is the target of embezzlement or mismanagement of funds, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures your account, up to 100,000 US dollars (USD). In fact, a requirement when shopping for a savings account is to look for one that is FDIC insured. If your savings account isn’t FDIC insured, you might have difficulty if the bank encounters financial problems. Most banks, credit unions and money markets funds do offer this insurance.

You also need to shop around for a savings account that offers the best interest rates. In the past, it was often the case that banks offered a slightly higher interest rate than did credit unions. This is because credit unions attempt to confer lower interest rates than bank rates to their customers borrowing money. Now sometimes credit unions are quite competitive in rates. Money market funds tend to be the most changeable in rates. Rates earned will depend upon the stock market, so they can be very high at some times and low at others.

Many people wonder how a savings account works and is profitable to the bank or other financial institution. The simple explanation is that you are actually lending your money to the financial institution. In return for this loan, the bank offers you part of the interest rate they charge customers. Thus the bank makes a profit and you make a profit on any money in a savings account.

Sometimes people might use an interest checking account instead of a savings account. If you really plan not to spend your money for a few months, it makes sense to use a savings account instead. Interest checking accounts pay much less interest than does a savings account, and normally require maintaining a high minimum balance, about 1000 USD. If this balance is not maintained, the checking account may actually charge you bank fees for your use of the account, which nullifies any potential interest earned.

Most savings accounts require a minimum deposit, usually 100 USD. An exception exists for children, who often have a savings account as their first bank account. Banks are very accommodating to children who wish to open a savings account because it is a way to build its future base of customers. Usually kids can open a savings account with about 5 USD.

The high competition for your temporary loan to banks mean you should shop around prior to choosing a savings account. Some companies will offer terrific incentives. In 2007 Ameritrade began offering a money market savings account, that if kept open for a year would pay a 100 USD bonus at the end of the first year. Money expert Suze Orman, who normally doesn’t endorse specific products, touted this as one of the best offers available to people who want to save their money.


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For me, to be a true millionaire, one must have the right attitude and the right thinking. And to do that, we must change our old beliefs and attitudes that hinders you to be financially free. One way to do that is to motivate your life by reading books, books that teach you the right attitudes toward success and books that teach you about financial literacy. One book that may change your financial literacy forever is Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. I recommend you to read this book because this is the first book I've read that has changed my financial IQ forever. This book will also teach us what's the difference between an asset and liability, Investments and what the reach know that the poor don't. This book is highly recommended to all.

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" - What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! was written by Robert Kiyosaki. It was the book that launched Kiyosaki into the success of an Internationally best selling author. Rich Dad, Poor Dad talks about how to be financially successful from investing, real estate, owning businesses, and using finance protection tactics.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a story of how Kiyosaki grew up learning from his real dad (the poor dad), and his friend Michael's dad (the rich dad). Poor dad was well educated and had a good job, but retired poor as he did not learn how to effectively grow his wealth. Rich dad was not well educated academically, but learned how to use money to build a great fortune through owning businesses and investing.

The book is more of a motivational book to get readers thinking about money, rather than a step by step guide to wealth. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is written in an entertaining anecdotal manner that makes a topic that many avoid (finances), interesting.

Rather than using the book as a practical guide to wealth, use it as a motivational tool and a first step on the path to learning about money. It is more of a fictional novel to inspire people to learn more. If you are already well along the path of learning about money, finance, and investing, you will probably get very little from Rich Dad, Poor Dad. But if you rarely think about money and have just enough to pay the bills each week, this book could be the start of your financial freedom. Just don't stop with this one book, keep reading others as this is only a small part of what it takes to learn about money and investing.


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First things first. In order to become a millionaire.. we must have knowledge on different things like INVESTMENTS and PASSIVE INCOMES. So here it goes..

What are investments?

It’s a simple question, but there are hundreds of books, and thousands of media articles written that try to explain investments and investing. But, really, there are two fundamental types of investments:

One type of investment helps you build your money to help achieve your goals. You know what your goals are – common goals many people have include saving for retirement, educating your child, buying a home or furniture, or taking a vacation. Financial companies like Sun Life Financial offer a huge range of investment “products” to help you build your money.

The other type is designed to return your money to you efficiently. Whether you’ve saved for retirement or a shorter-term goal, there are financial products designed to return your money in a way that helps you achieve your goal.

Passive incomes comes from money-earning-money like investments. Stay tune for more posts!^_^

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